domingo, 30 de julio de 2017

(Interview in English) Entrevista Ivan Sherry (voz original de Inspector Gadget , la nueva serie)

As I know, I have in large part, an American public, although mostly Spanish, I did not want to leave anyone indifferent to this interview, and I decided to bring it in the original language in which I did it and contacted the great Ivan, so I have the pleasure of bringing to the blog, an exclusive interview I did to the great Ivan Sherry, the new voice of Inspector Gadget! Ivan, was kind enough to grant me this interview for all Gadgeto fans of the blog. Together with Ivan, he has been asking questions for several months, and in a small space of his time he was kind enough to respond to them with great enthusiasm. I give thanks to Ivan Sherry for his courtesy and kindness and a Dhx means for giving me some original pictures from the series for the blog and this interview.

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Ivan Sherry has been super kind to me, he has been in every moment and he has tried to answer me when there is a possible gap. In this interview, we talked at the beginning both of his beginnings, as well as his career, as well as questions about the original series, the new series, and what they think about the main characters. Maybe, the interview may be short, but for me it has been a great job for new fans of the Inspector Gadget series. Throughout these months, Ivan and I have been talking, and although I do not know him in person, and I would love to, he is an actor and a great person, and that is the impression he has given me, he loves the series, and He loves his character, and he loves what he does, and he has a great respect for the original series and where it comes from. I hope that in the future we can finish the interview and he can not count many interesting things that are to come, in this new season that soon all the fans want to see. As advance, and although I already said it in a previous post, this new season, a special Christmas and a special Halloween. (Still do not know if there are out of the 26 episodes of the season) or these specials are incorporated into the batch of episodes. Soon I will bring this interview translated into English, so that all fans who visit the blog can read and enjoy The interview


Doing the interview with Ivan has been a pleasure and a dream, I wanted to do a good interview and fit all the interesting phases of the character: at first, we talked about his career, his origins and that has fallen in love, since I also studied Performing arts, and started with 18 years. It is also very interesting to know, that although he was not a fan of the original series, if it was from Don Adams, and that explains, how well to play an Inspector Gadget. I think that after all the projects that have been carried out by the character since 1986, Ivan has been one of the best actors that has "imitated" Don Adams, noting that this is the best reboot of the character, He himself comments, has a great respect for the original project, and all who work on it too.Other of the things he has commented and that I ask him, was really really Jean Chalopin, I travel to the Dhx studios means to participate In the series, where is the confirmation and affirmation of what yes, of which the great Jean Chalopin is involved in the project and has visited as the new series is made. It's great, for me it's really great, because Jean Chalopin has been the father of the series, of almost all projects, he has been the godfather, in the book project "The series of our enfance de Polux" And visited the edition And the creation of the book. And know, that has also been involved in the new animation series, further guarantee the quality of a large reboot series. It has been a pleasure to be able to do this interview, I surrender to you Ivan, to Dhx and above all his team.

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