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Eh là qui va là (Inspecteur Gadget)

Una foto publicada por Robbie (@hawkeyepierce666) el
Eh là qui va là (Inspecteur Gadget) Eh la ça va pas (Ouh ouh) Oh la je suis là (Inspecteur Gadget)

¡Inspector Gadget siempre para la historia!. Esta imagen es la que ha subido hawkeyepierce666 a su Instagram, donde nos muestra una bonita figura ubicada en el Musée de l´Homme en Francia bajo el título de "La culminación  de la actividad humana". Es increíble como después de tantos años el personaje se sigue recordando, pero lo mas increíble es ver que detrás de él hay unos personajes de marcas mucho mas potentes, pero que aún así es para muchos un icono de una época y que siempre sigue siendo actual. Debo decir que esa figura esta claramente igual de cercana que a la figura que Galoob/Bandai nos presentó en 1983. Debo decir que el diseño del personaje me recuerda un poco al cómic de 2012 que realizó José Cobá.

¡Esperad! eso no es todo... Instagram es un buen rincón también para subir algunos conceptos de arte de personajes de la nueva serie de Inspector Gadget 2015...

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  2. That is an amazingly detailed figure. :) If I should criticize anything, I'd say maybe the legs are a bit too long (not the spring legs, but his real legs), and the head seems just slightly too small compared with the long and slender body. Considering those details, I probably do prefer the Bandai/Galoob action doll... but this one is still awesome, the gadgets and facial expression especially. :) And on the plus side, it does recreate the spring legs more accurately than Bandai's toy.

    1. Yes, I think the same as you. The figure Bandai / Galoob is amazing, none can overcome this toy delight. It's funny, because whenever you take merchandisings television series like figures, it is difficult to fit well, so to resize them and give them all the ways that fit well and look like, I must say I've seen many figures TV seriesThey seemed not at all to the character, but of course it also influences Gadget thought from the beginning as a toy ... maybe that also makes it a masterpiece of the toy Ingieneria ... Yes, I think so, the legs are too long, but can also influence from the point of view that you see, I do not know = /. But it is impressive to see that with more potent than Gadget own brands. he also deserves recognition his little hole. ;) Merry Christmas Mesterius!.

    2. Well, I think in the case of the Inspector Gadget franchise, there hasn't been that much good-looking merchandise produced over the years. To me, a lot of the toys - especially those produced after the first few years of the series - come across as quite cheap and badly designed. Of all the Inspector Gadget toy figures I've seen, there's only a couple that I really like: The classic Bandai/Galoob doll and the Greek "Junior Goody's" figures produced in 2003. I own two of the Junior Goody's figures of Gadget, plus the one of Brain; and they're all incredibly detailed and true to the characters' look in the TV series (color mistakes aside). But yeah, aside from Bandai and Junior Goody's, this museum exhibition is definitely the best three-dimensional figure I've seen of the character. :)

      Thanks, and a merry Christmas to you too! :D

    3. Yes, totally agree with you, I also has some figures of Junior Goody and are especially great, also it bothered me a little mistake a little color, but they are minimal and not very noticeable. Like you, I in terms of figures of my collection, I have only my 3 figures Junior Goody (Gadget, Sophie and Sultan) and my 2 Inspector Gadget figures Bandai / Galoob. I do not like the figures that were produced ... Tiger toys are horrible. One of the things that annoy me is like Sophie, you change the eye color from green to blue as a common blond ... and is something that has continued in subsequent designs to those of 1983/1992. It is a detail that bothers me a bit ... But it is also beautiful !. As for the production of merchandising of the new series has disappointed me a bit, I'm looking to take out some detailed figures of the characters in the new series. That would be magnificent. This new series has been well received, I wonder you do not bring to light products of the dvds ... What do you think about this you Mesterius ?. I spoke com Ivan Sherry about some figures and said it was a good idea. in fact, I see constantly DHX announces merchandising of their series, but never Gadget. Hopefully soon see products as well as figures, would be wonderful. since the design of the characters remind me like rubber figures.


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